The Office Prep Journal

Strategically grow your network in one week.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This old adage still stands true. With a saturated job market the traditional application process has proven to be useless to those without a strong professional network. 

The Office Prep Journal instructs you how to prepare for each meeting and also helps you develop a networking routine. Studies have shown that a proper routine leads to positive behavioral change. 

Eliminate your fear of networking.

The routine is quite simple. Pledge to reach out to one person each day. Just one. Think how many people you talk to on a daily basis whether it’s via text, email, or even the barista at your favorite coffee shop. Now just add one strategic contact to correspond with using the journal. 

The daily templates layout a game plan for the week. At the end of the six day cycle (we give you a day off) there will be a “Week In Review” section where you will review your progress. There is also a section to record your meeting notes. 

Take a look inside below.

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